Orders placed after 2pm May 4th will be shipped out on Monday May 9th. They will not arrive before Mother's day.
Packed with love, by humans

In our Amazon-dominated world, many people assume that packing and shipping are done by robots zipping around in a gigantic warehouse. Here at Stick With Me, though, every order is checked, prepared, and packed by hand with love and care. Here’s a look at the journey a box of sweets takes from our shop to your front door.

Order Received icon
Order Received

When you place an order on the website, we get a notification via email and text and pop-up alert and... you get the idea. We also do a little dance because we are really excited to share some of our delectable creations with you!

Preparing Order icon
Prepare Order
We check:
  • the products and flavors and make sure they are available
  • the destination’s weather to determine the best shipping speed
  • the shipping method you chose is suitable for the destination

Depending on the factors above, we may need to make changes to your order so please keep an eye out emails from us.

Packing Order icon
Pack for Success

Once we have sorted out any potential issues with you, we start handpicking and packing every single item in your order.

To ensure the freshness of our products, we may not be able to accommodate any more requests or make additional changes to your order at this stage.

Ready to Ship icon
Ready to Ship

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, Stanley (Hi, Stan!) from FedEx stops by our shop in Nolita to pick up all the boxes that are ready to go.

We don’t ship the rest of the week because weekend deliveries are iffy and unpredictable. We don’t want our products to lose their freshness and form while waiting to reach you.

Delivered icon

After traveling for a day or two, your order ends its journey at your home. YAY!

We put so much love into each order—from the meticulously handmade treats themselves to the carefully picked and packed boxes—because we know that you deserve nothing less!