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Snackers - Stick With Me Sweets
Snackers - Stick With Me Sweets


Nougat-lovers, rejoice!

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The sweet treat that named itself because it is THE perfect snack 😋

Meet our new chocolate bar: SNACKERS! A true peanut explosion 💥 chewy peanut caramel laying on top of fluffy nougat with roasted peanuts for supreme crunch in every bite. We can’t get enough of it and neither will you!

2 pieces per pack, each about 2" x 1" in size.

Contain peanuts, soy, milk, egg, and gluten. Made Fresh Daily. Keep in a cool dry place. (18C/64F)
We take pride in sending the best from our kitchen to your home. Because of the delicate nature of our products, we take painstaking care in packing and shipping them. Sometimes that means we have to ship your order overnight. We do NOT make a profit on shipping and strive to work with the best carriers at the best price.
Made with love
Our sweets are hand crafted with love, care, and pride right here in our kitchen in Soho, New York.
Exquisite delicacies
Crafted by a team of chocolatiers led by former Per Se pastry chef Susanna Yoon, our confections are as gorgoeus to look at as they’re delicious to eat.
Always fresh
Our chocolate are made fresh each day from the finest natural ingredients that are sourced ethically from around the world.